Blog Update – Mapping the Future

Hello all!

A few of you may have read that 4 months ago I left my job, causing a lot less posting and alot more worrying about how I was going to eat.

To update, I’m once again working! All the coffee I can drink and a lovely headset to call my own is included in the compensation package so I’m as happy as a coffee drinking, headset wearing person can be.

I’d like to take this time to thank all of you loyal readers for putting up with the inconsistent posting, and to let you know that as I’m settling into the new routine we will soon have dedicated posting days, so watch this space! As usual please throw your feedback at me, what works and what doesn’t.

As a side note, the picture above is the readership map for the site. I’m so happy with how many states and countries are coloured in, but if anyone knows someone in Greenland, point them this way!

Thank you all!

Dim But Bright.


Poetry – To diverge in series

How near the lines

How neat in proximity

How shallow depths describe

Infinity…or less?

Both and neither showing even

In odd people with marked cards

Their hats off.

Poetry – Balloons

Contented hearts grow strong in safe chests

Pumping fast into canals thickened

Sediment building with life’s ease and

Balloons grow with love ’till they burst

Suprised pressure pushing past hard walls

Whilst softened with get some stretch

Filling as calm lagoons

Menace unseen


Contented hearts grow strong

Then stop.

Poetry – A Bright Past

Of course we look back fondly on our

Bright past of warm afternoons in autumn

Drinking coffee in parked cars filled

With music from last year’s greatest players.

How easily we forget the rot that shortly followed

Of voices raised in small disagreement voiced loudly

Followed of course by cosy evenings spent

Remembering further back still.

Poetry – Queen of Hearts

With no doubt this crown belongs to lay

around the beating heart,

The ruler of nine and strongest by far

this muscle stands apart,

No nerves can carry movements made

less moving is decreed,

And with no oxygen to the brain

no messages will be freed,

Some muscles flex with idle threats

which the king ignores,

With no air the muscles bear

no single twitch of course,

The heart it beats in joy defeats

all challenges to crown,

But to the queen will still be seen

to it’s brain does bow.