Poetry – Charity In Place Of State

Poetry – Charity In Place Of State

Sisters, brothers

Hear their cry

That life will worsen if we don’t stand

Polite and smiling, walking by


We watch ourselves be eaten

Stripped of flesh by the strand

Coldly putting faith

In charity’s bleeding hand


Now we’ve been warned of worse

If we dare to stumble, crawl

Commit to burning bridges

On the easiest path of all


Charity in place of state

Treats wounds caused in spite

That careless bite will strike again

Till human shields ignite


Poetry – Small Packages

Poetry – Small Packages

Those unexpected surprises

Wrapped in small packages

Of course were never small to everyone

And those who thought small that

The small held dear

Were burned by tiny sparks

Lighting large holdings

Stacked either side

Of some giant’s home.

Poetry – Scrap Dragon


Burning bright when shade would suffice

Imbecilic vision disturbs peaceful night

Bolting light with hefty might

Hitting the ceiling and sticking tight


Blissful hunting whilst gears go clunking

Stealth is moot with rockets jumping

Screaming through green tinged sky

Dyed with the gaze of passers by


Explodes with laughter, going faster

Terrorising towns in fits of wonder

Scrap Dragon can’t be caged

Burning down till end of days. 


Poetry – Cavalier in Dust


From far sun there comes a lance

New light to touch old wounds

On once bright eyes, clouded now

In dust of cavalier’s bloom


So bold, so sweet, so sure and pure

They ventured oh so far

To find their time of fame, of joy

In battle among the stars


Now old and bent their time is spent

Wishing to join the march   

And thinking of what could have been

If victory had met their charge


Poetry – Moonshine Gunslinger

Poetry – Moonshine Gunslinger

That sputtering light

Limping through smog, starts

That rumble in a rusted engine

Unintended fittings clunk, snap

Into place as cams drive shafts

One handed they wait poised, ready

To swift draw defence too small

To be taken seriously by giants, popping

One bolt between the eyes to settle

In calmness, the rusted engine rumbles.

Poetry – My beard grows long

Poetry – My beard grows long

My beard grows long

As dust is blown from well used keys

I stare into white space

Shaded grey

Shaded in my memory

Blank upon the page.

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