Poetry – Black Sack

Hello world

It was so good to meet you through

Flat screens picking up that resolutioned definition

Picking up pixels shaping revolutionary scars

And that sweet breeze ruffling protective sacking

It must have been a sad day

Saying goodbye to your children grown

Too fast to keep up with no matter the urge

But you tried. How tired you must have been…


Observation – Traffic Jams

Stuck on the m20 at two in the afternoon is a lot like being stuck on the m20 at midday. I say this with the certainty of someone who has now down both consecutively and this sentence is one most assuredly deserve. The punishment fits the crime, for taking the m20 is the act and punishment wrapped neat and proper. Hear my lament and be warned.

Poetry – Bars To Try

By these bars of dulled acclaim I

Sit and think of times shrunken in valour

Those memories stroll now with ease

Out from parched lips and empty eyes

With towering pillars blushing either side

Forgetting to reach an empty impasse

How easy to stand in pomped circumstance

At least it was when carpets rolled

To cover cold grey with warm red

Poetry – Blogging

For writing’s sake we write

My pen now weak from comedic scripts

The nib shatters into keys

That chatter in clattering buzz

Feeding nought but new or nearly

Merely whitewashing peeling paint

Ink fades in such darling ways compared

To cheap type shining dull still

In clouds of words trending out

Spiraling without context alone

They proudly stand with prizes neatly labelled.